We offer bespoke pricing upon submission of your wedding details, such as date, how many guests are attending your wedding and times of coverage you require and of course location of venue, we can travel throughout the UK and further a field wedding coverage can be considered.  Two examples of price packages below are based for weddings in the North East Of England, prices may vary slightly for weddings outside this area, these are very popular packages, both giving what we believe is the most important aspect of wedding photography... the actual photographs themselves - the highest standard of natural wedding photographs and most creative shot on your special day, each image is then digitally enhanced to exhibition quality, with a mixture of your choice, colour, toned and black and white.

Presentation of your final wedding images we believe should come next on your wedding photography tick list, with several ways of showcasing them... DVD's, prints, albums, books, exhibition prints and some very modern exclusive products available once you have booked.


Wedding Photography Packages:-


1) The DVD Package which includes all day photography coverage of your wedding day presented on a DVD with unlimited images (approx 300) each one individually retouched to exhibition quality, with a mixture of colour, toned, black and white.


2) The Album and DVD Package includes all day photography coverage of your wedding day presented on a DVD with unlimited images (approx 300) each one individually retouched to exhibition quality, with a mixture of colour, toned, black and white, Album with all your images presented as 6"x4" prints.


Remember if you require different presentation than the two package examples above - enquire for a bespoke package based around your requirements.


A deposit of £250 secures your wedding date in our diary.



Advice + Tips... 

There is quite a few common pitfalls when booking a wedding photographer which you should be aware of, here's some advice to help you try to avoid them:-


Q) Will you receive the same photographer to take your wedding day photographs that you have seen or spoken to and who has showed you their portfolio and can you be sure that portfolio is their work and not someone else's work who may have worked for that photographer in the past? Some wedding photography companies have more than one photographer or contract other photographers and book several weddings in one day, so will you receive the same standard and style of work that you have seen for your wedding photographs?

A) Get the above points in writing before you book! We book only one wedding per day, what quality we showcase is the same quality as you receive - guaranteed!


Q) How can I tell if a wedding photographer is good or bad?

A) Study a variety of wedding photographers websites and you will soon start to see the vast differences between the many photographers out there, look for images that appeal to you, look carefully at the quality of images - are they plain bland photographs or are they vibrant colours, are they framed nicely - do the images have background signs in them like exit, street signs or things that should be not really be there, keep an eye on the styles of photographers, does every image look the same - all full length images, all same poses etc. Also look out for a constant level of quality of work, make sure every image that is on their websites or you view in person is high quality throughout, anyone wedding photographer can have a few good images to show, but a photographer who has a constant level of high quality of every image they show is a lot harder to find. With digital camera's being introduced several years ago, there has never been more cowboy wedding photographers around unfortunately giving good old fashioned film trained professional wedding photographers a bad name, look for creativity in images you view, are they artistic or are they the same style/poses you've already seen from other photographers sites? Stay clear of these "happy snappers" who boast about taking thousands of photographs per wedding... who will lack quality and creativity.


Q) Following on from the above question, if a photographers images aren't checked carefully but they have some nice albums to show you - remember a nice looking album won't mean much to you if your actual wedding photographs are rubbish.

A) Do a little research time into wedding photography and the photographer themselves by asking questions or ask for references from companies/clients that have used that photographers services.


Q) Price package you book, will it rise? Check your price package wouldn't increase with time, will the photographer increase their package prices by the time your wedding comes around?

A) We honour your booking price that you initially book at! That price you book at is the price you pay when your wedding comes around, no matter how many years away it may be!


Q) Deposit? Where do you stand if for some reason you have to cancel your wedding and what do you have to pay or lose? Most wedding companies rely on booking in of work so if you cancel, you will lose your deposit, but check before you book and read the small print - some companies will bill you for the total package price if you cancel - don't get caught out - ask before you book and get it in writing!

A) Our policy is standard, your initial booking fee of £250 would be lost which covers any expenses we incur on materials and arrangements prior to your wedding day, we have no hidden extra charges!


Q) Venues... Bear in mind some venues hold more than one wedding per day (some venues holding up to 5 per day), so if you want a location where your wedding is the only one on that day, ask the venue before you book regarding their policies on holding more than one wedding per day, and get it in writing as by the time your wedding may come along they may have changed their policy, get it in writing that they will only hold one wedding on your wedding day.

A) Email us and I'll try to help with this query from my experiences at working at certain venues in the North East in particular , I know quite a lot of venues and how many weddings are held at each one.



I hope this helps and makes you aware of some problems that may occur when arranging and booking your wedding which you otherwise may not have anticipated, problems which can easily be avoided.












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