Keith Beard Photography



(Apologies for advert distraction on slideshow - I'm working on clearing this, just click the x to close)

Please allow the slideshow to load up, it runs for approximately four minutes or you can run the cursor over the photograph and press the next or previous buttons which will allow you to go at your own speed. I've decided to showcase an all black and white collection with this slideshow simply for a change.

As I explain in the Pricing Page in the Advice + Tips section, regarding looking for a constant level of quality of work in every image a wedding photographer takes, to stand by what I say and without giving too much away of what we actually do, here's a collection of images all taken from one wedding, which demonstrates the highest standard in reportage wedding photography available.

The many different emotions from this special day that were captured in the images above I'm sure you'll agree are quite evident, the ability to know or feel in that split second when to press the camera's fire button counts for everything!


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